Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are elected representatives from the school community to govern our school.
Governance Determines:

  • the what – designing the future
  • the ends – the outcomes to be achieved
  • policies – statements of what is expected

Management Determines:

  • the how – designing how to get there
  • the means – strategies to achieve the ends
  • procedures – steps to meet expectations

BOT (2019):

  • Cherie Holland (Board Chairperson)
  • Anthony Wrigley
  • Michael Butler
  • Katie Sandilands
  • Maggie Hu
  • Staff Rep (Deanne Wotton)
  • Principal (Michelle Nell)

The Board of Trustees sets the direction for the school through its charter and policies.
The Board entrusts to the Principal the implementation on a day to day basis.
Through an effective programme of internal evaluation, the board then measures the performance of the school and the Principal against the plans set.
Our school has 6 Board members who are elected for a three-year term, including a staff representative and in addition to this the School Principal is a full board member.

Meeting Times

The Board of Trustees usually meet once a month. Please contact us for this years timetable.