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Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are elected representatives from the school community to govern our school.

Governance Determines:

  • the what – designing the future
  • the ends – the outcomes to be achieved
  • policies – statements of what is expected

Management Determines:

  • the how – designing how to get there
  • the means – strategies to achieve the ends
  • procedures – steps to meet expectations


What we do

The Board of Trustees sets the direction for the school through it’s charter and policies.
The Board entrusts to the Principal the implementation on a day to day basis.
Through an effective programme of internal evaluation, the board then measures the performance of the school and the Principal against the plans set.

Joining the BOT

Our school has 6 Board members who are elected for a three-year term, including a staff representative and in addition to this the School Principal is a full board member. If you are interested in supporting our school by becoming a BOT member please contact the school office.